Terms and Conditions


All parents/carers should register with Cambourne Toy Library and complete a contact form prior to borrowing any toys.

All parents/carers should inform Cambourne Toy Library of any changes to their contact details.

Two forms of identification, including one with a current address (e.g. bank statement from within the last 3 months), are required to join the Toy Library.

Toy Library membership is valid for one calendar year at a cost of £12.

Up to 2 toys per child may be borrowed free of charge for up to two weeks.

If toys cannot be returned within two weeks, the parent/carer must inform Cambourne Toy Library and arrange when the toy(s) can be returned.

All toys remain the property of Cambourne Toy Library at all times.

Parents/carers should ensure that borrowed toys are returned in the same state they were borrowed in – clean and in working condition. Any batteries will be checked by the toy library before the toy is borrowed. If the batteries run out during the time that you have the toy, please replace them with working batteries.

Toys should be returned during the play session. If this is not possible then the parent/carer should contact the toy library and an alternative will be arranged.


Toys are checked by Cambourne Toy Library, on their return, to ensure that they are in good working order. Broken parts are removed/replaced as possible.

It remains the overriding responsibility of the parent/carer to check all toys before allowing children to play with them. If the parent/carer has any concerns these should be raised with a member of staff.

Cambourne Toy Library accepts no responsibility for any accidents or problems that may arise during the use of the toy(s).

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to check that the toy(s) are suitable for the age and ability of the child(ren).

Parents/carers remain responsible for their child(ren) during Cambourne Toy Library play sessions.


Parents/carers should inform staff if pieces or parts of toys are misplaced or broken during the hire period – we understand that accidents do happen.


Cambourne Toy Library accepts no responsibility or liability for any accident, injury or damage which may occur during the hire of any toy. No responsibility or liability is accepted for any third party accident, injury or damage also.